Summer is awesome, frankly, not only because of the weather but because of the freedom that weather provides us to traverse the country’s roads with ease. While you may have a fantastic road trip planned this July or August, it all could go downhill if you should bump into car trouble caused by lack of summer maintenance. Our Mitsubishi service center can help make sure that doesn’t happen for our Kansas City, MO customers, as we can take care of a few of the following items before you head out for your summer vacation:

Inspect fluid levels: Your vehicle has a number of different fluids that need to be filled and clean for your new Mitsubishi SUV or car to operate properly. Whether it’s transmission fluid, brake fluid, power steering fluid, or even just wiper fluid, we’ll make sure everything looks great before you take off for a summer trip.

Check your battery: While most batteries will last a good long time, summer heat does cause them to lose juice a little more quickly, while also generating more oxidation and potential rust of battery components. We’ll check for this here, obviously, and if a replacement is necessary we’ll make sure it gets done quickly and affordably.

Change your oil: This is an easy one we can do for you, as clean oil and a new filter help to combat that brutal summer heat. Full synthetic oil is better this time of year because it’s less likely to break down at higher temperatures, and our service techs will make sure that gets done the way it’s supposed to.

We want you to enjoy your summer of driving Mitsubishi vehicles, so make sure you take care of this summer maintenance before you head out for your big road trips! Stop by Jeremy Franklin Mitsubishi in Kansas City, MO today!