Let’s say you buy a laptop. After owning it for some time, a piece breaks off in a horrible toddler-related accident, and you’re faced with trying to decide your best course of action for getting it fixed. Most people would decide between working with the actual manufacturer or taking it to a local electronics store, though it stands to reason that the customer would elicit repairs through the manufacturer. Who else would know more about fixing their own product, right?

Here at Jeremy Franklin Mitsubishi, we feel the same way about automotive repairs. So many customers buy their vehicles here but then take them to general franchised mechanics for service and maintenance and repairs. There may be instances in which this could be slightly more affordable, but in terms of maintaining the long-term integrity of your vehicles, there really is no better option than taking it to your friendly Mitsubishi service center serving Blue Springs, MO.

Allow us to explain. Our service technicians are specially-trained by Mitsubishi professionals to work specifically on Mitsubishi automobiles. They don’t see a million different makes and models over the course of a day, but they do know the ins and outs of Mitsubishi vehicles. We’re confident to say they are experts at what they do.

Also, we use genuine Mitsubishi car parts here at Jeremy Franklin Mitsubishi, which means our repairs and updates hold true to what the original manufacturer intended, unlike the generic parts you’ll get at other mechanics’ shops.

If you have any service, maintenance, or parts needs of your own, give us a call and we’ll get you on the schedule immediately. We’ll take great care of your Mitsubishi vehicle at our Kansas City, MO, Mitsubishi dealership, because that’s exactly what we’re trained and equipped to do.