Winter is a difficult time of year in Missouri, especially after the holidays when snow stops being cute and starts becoming a nuisance. Even worse is that winter leaves its mark on roads and automobiles for months afterward, even as trees sprout leaves and forest creatures become active again. After a car wash to rinse away three months’ worth of road salt, it can be easy to believe that your 2017 Mitsubishi Mirage or 2017 Mitsubishi Outlander has been freed from the torments of cold weather, but a quick visit to the Mitsubishi service center at Jeremy Franklin Mitsubishi may show that you actually have a few hidden problems caused by that winter precipitation.

For starters, extremely cold weather sucks the life out of a tire. If you haven’t yet checked your air pressure, it’s either time to do that yourself or to have one of our service technicians take care of it for you. Improperly-inflated tires not only are more susceptible to flats, but they also mess with your vehicle’s alignment and affect fuel efficiency.

Furthermore, cold temperatures can wreak havoc on the hoses and belts that make your engine functional. Our techs can determine if there is any damage and can replace the ruined parts to ensure your vehicle keeps running like a dream.

Finally, the surplus of potholes that pop up as a result of ice, snow, and salt can send your suspension and alignment out of whack. We can check that for our Blue Springs, MO customers easily here and correct any issue that may have occurred as a result of those atrocious road craters.

We want your car to run as smoothly as possible, which is why a little spring maintenance is a good idea regardless of your handbook’s service schedule. Make sure you’re ready for the beautiful spring weather ahead by stopping into our Mistubishi dealership near Blue Springs, MO for a service checkup. We look forward to seeing you at Jeremy Franklin Mitsubishi soon!